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Obituary Index T


If you would like to contribute an obituary, please email it to Janet Waite.

Taggart, Catherine Ellen
Tate, Daisy (Allison)
Tatsch, Adaline Della (Grant)
Tatsch, John Grover
Tatsch, LoveVurn Calvin
Tatsch, Robert
Taylor, Rev. Dr.
Taylor, Roxy Ann
Taylor, Samuel R.
Taylor, Thomas C.
Tench, Alva Vern (McNamee)
Tennis, Maria
Terrence, William J. "Cap"
Thomas, Clyde
Thomas, Edward
Thomas, Infant son of Robert
Thomas, Jane (Crawford)
Thomas, Margaret
Thomas, Uriah (from The Valley Echo)
Thomas, Uriah (from The Palestine Reveille)
Thompson, Al
Thompson, Charles C.
Thompson, David Clark
Thompson, Duffield H.
Thompson, Irma M.
Thompson, Mary Sophronia
Thompson, Nancy
Thompson, Ruth Ann (McKinnon)
Thompson, Thomas V.
Thompson, William Cassius
Thorn, Irene May
Thorne, Beulah
Tidd, Anna E.
Todd, Denver
Todd, Eliza
Todd, Joseph
Todd, Margaret Ellen
Todd, Mervin
Todd, Mrs. Thomas
Tolson, Arthur James
Toot, Rebecca M.
Toothman, Mrs. Price
Torrence, T. O.
Townley, Leonard
Treadway, Ramona J.
Trimmer, W. D.
Trotter, Caroline (Green)
Trotter, Emma
Trotter, John
Trythall, Alice
Tucker, Mrs. Watson
Turnbull, Infant of Seth
Turner, Rachel

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