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Obituary Index S


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Saddler, Opal
Salsbury, Frank
Salsgiver, Frances
Savage, Jane
Scarlott, Georgiana
Schneider, Phyllis
Seals, Infant
Searight, Sara
Seigler, Clyde
Sells, Alonzo G.
Shamp, Anna B.
Shane, Mrs. A. M.
Shannon, Faye
Shannon, John R.
Sharp, John
Shaw, Mrs. George
Shaw, William
Sheets, Olin
Sheets, Pauline
Sheilds, Clyde
Shelton, David B.
Shepherd, Sarah A.
Sherbine, Mary Jane
Shields, Arthur W.
Shingleton, John
Shively, Lydia A.
Shone, Alfred
Shotsinger, Bessie L. (Tatsch)
Shuman, Estella Ruth
Shuman, Paul L.
Simmons, Harry L.
Simmons, Hughie Sr.
Simms, Claibourne R.
Simms, Jere H.
Simpson, Caroline
Simpson, Genivie L. (Hulderman)
Simpson, Mrs. Joseph
Simpson, William
Sisco, Comfort Charles
Sisco, Esther
Sisco, George David
Sisco, Orrie C.
Sisco, Verna Louise (Cookie) Fitch
Skidmore, Hanson
Skinner, Alyce
Skinner, John W.
Slaughter, Nancy J.
Sloan, Sarah Mildred
Small, Adam (Smull)
Small, Rebecca (Smull)
Smiley, Margaret
Smith, Alvah Claude
Smith, Annie Belle
Smith, Audrey
Smith, Clarinda (Mrs. Daniel)
Smith, Demoine
Smith, Eddie Rutan
Smith, H. Edward
Smith, Edwin
Smith, Fannie
Smith, George H.
Smith, Harlin J.
Smith, Hazel (McClurg)
Smith, Isodene (Thomas)
Smith, Jacob
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, John W.
Smith, L. W.
Smith, Lavina
Smith, Lee (Dr.)
Smith, Leslie Monroe
Smith, Lucile
Smith, Lucile
Smith, Mary Olive
Smith, Mrs. Ben
Smith, Reuben P.
Smith, Samson
Smith, Sarah Angeline
Smith, Thomas C.
Smith, Thomas Prichard
Smith, Thomas R.
Smith, William
Smith, William C.
Smith, William J.
Smith, William James
Smoot, Rhoda N.
Smull, Lucretia Meek
Smurthwaite, Harry
Snowden, Violetta
Snyder, Grant
Soehnlen, Itha Lucretia
Springer, Anna M.
Springer, Audrey (Simmons)
Springer, Beverly Jean
Springer, Gerald F.
Springer, Halena Gonka (Plumley)
Springer, Howard D.
Springer, Maria Jane (Cooper)
Springer, Ray M.
Stafford, Mary A.
Staley, Dorothy
Standley, Carl
Stanley, A. J.
Stanley, Nancy A.
Stanley, Ramona
Starkey, Ann Elizabeth
Starkey, Frank T.
Starkey, Mrs. Frank (Anna)
Starkey, Raymond
Starr, James
State, John
Steele, Jane
Stein, Laura Dobbs
Stenger, Samuel
Stephenson, Mary
Stetzel, George
Stevens, Margaret
Stevens, Mr.
Stevenson, Samuel
Stevenson, Thomas B.
Stewart, Claude
Stewart, Daisy (Miss)
Stewart, Frank
Stewart, Jennie (Leeper)
Stewart, Olive (Miss)
Stewart, Samuel
Stone, Henry
Stone, Olive
Strauss, M. J.
Sulkes, Sara
Sullivan, Infant Son
Surles, Mrs. Charles F. (Minnie)
Surmaitias, Jeromin
Surmaitias, Mary ( )
Swaney, Thomas
Swearingen, Erma O.
Swearingen, George
Swearingen, Lloyd
Swift, Lawrence
Swiger, Osse I. (Miss)
Swindler, James

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