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Obituary Index R


If you would like to contribute an obituary, please email it to Janet Waite.

Raber, Annie
Raffle, Thomas
Ralston, Charles
Ramsey, Dorcas
Ramsey, James
Ramsey, Jeanette
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, Mrs. George
Ramsey, May
Ramsey, William Jasper
Rappold, Iva
Raybould, Mrs. John
Rayl, Leonard
Rayl, Olive M.
Ready, Infant Son
Reed, Annie M.
Reed, David
Reed, John L.
Reed, Laura E.
Reed, Samuel
Reese, Alfred
Reilly, James
Renegar, Susan (Mrs.)
Reynolds, Daughter of R. S.
Reynolds, Edna M. (Wilson)
Reynolds, Elmer E.
Reynolds, Jesse
Rich, Allen E.
Rich, Allen P.
Rich, Harry S.
Rich, Inez Blance (Kerr)
Rich, Jack R.
Rich, Kathryn P.
Rich, Michael E.
Rich, Robert H.
Rich, Walter P.
Richards, George W.
Richardson, Beulah
Richardson, Edward
Richardson, Edward
Richmond, Frank N.
Richmond, Robert D.
Riddle, Edward
Riddle, Edwin
Riddle, Harriett (Brassington)
Riddle, Isaiah (Jerry)
Riel, Clifford J.
Rigby, Mary
Rigby, Sarah V.
Riley, Edward
Riley, Sarah
Robb, Costello
Robb, John
Robbins, Alice
Roberts, Gertie (Miss)
Roberts, Lodena
Robinson, Ellen
Robinson, James
Robinson, Minnie J.
Rodgers, Deloris M.
Rohrbaugh, Frank
Rose, Hugh S.
Rose, John Thomas
Rose, Margaret
Rose, Thomas L. (Rev.)
Rosepink, Hazel (Tatsch)
Rowand, Nellie C. (Van Fossen)
Rush, John K.
Russell, Amelia E.
Russell, Charles
Russell, Eva
Russell, Everett
Russell, Fred
Russell, Thomas
Rutledge, George Jr.
Ryan, Edward F.
Ryan, James Henry
Ryan, Mrs. James
Ryan, Julia (Mrs.)
Ryan, Robert James

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