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Obituary Index L


If you would like to contribute an obituary, please email it to Janet Waite.

Lamborn, Sarah D.
Lamp, Bernice
Landis, Margaret
Lang, Mildred R. (Rich)
Lange, Walter H.
Lanning, Jerry
Larkins, Mary Elizabeth
Laufenberger, Fred
Laughlin, Bert
Laughlin, Catherine
Laughlin, David H.
Laughlin, Margaret
Laughlin, Sarah M.
Lawrence, Ralph E.
Leak, Frances
Leak, John
Leatherberry, Mary
Lee, Charles William
Lee, Maude
Lee, Robert C.
Lee, Sarah E.
Lee, William C.
Leeson, Ida S. (Tinney)
Leishman, Peter
Leishman, William A.
Leitch, Belle
Leith, Charles
Lentz, Dorothy
Leyde, Harry
Lichenberger, Howard
Lindsay, Dr. Isaac S.
Lisby, Albert
Litten, Robert
Little, Joseph
Little, Mary Reynolds
Littleton, Lina E.
Lodge, Susan
Long, Franklin F.
Longfellow, Winifred
Longshore, Frank
Louthan, James M.
Louthan, J. M.
Lowe, Mary A.
Luke, Isabella
Lutton, Mabel
Lynch, Hugh B.
Lynch, Hugh B., Jr.
Lynch, Mrs. Mary
Lyon, Charles A.
Lyon, Harry B.
Lyons, Matilda
Lyons, Ora J.
Lytle, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs.

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