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Obituary Index C


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Cabell, Phillip
Cable, William
Cain, Mildred Sara
Caldwell, Dr. G. W. (Atty)
Caldwell, Seth
Calhoun, Roy H.
Callahan, Vera
Calmont, Mary (Mrs.)
Cameron, John
Cammeron, Lizzie
Campbell, Ada Virginia
Campbell, Edith
Campbell, James
Campbell, John
Campbell, Luella M. (Allison)
Campbell, Mrs. G. W.
Campbell, William
Candoo, Jane
Carey, Edward G.
Carlisle, Ellis H.
Carter, Daniel
Carter, Mary
Cartwright, Elizabeth
Case, Margaret
Casey, Michael
Cassidy, Michael
Caton, Orrel
Cavavo, Salvino
Chambers, Jonathan
Chamberlain, Raymond
Chance, Infant
Childs, Prudence
Christian, Elizabeth
Christman, Thelma
Cisco, Thomas
Clapsaddle, Carrie
Clapsaddle, Howard F.
Clark, Isaac B.
Clark, Richard G.
Clendenning, Mrs. John
Cline, Mervin
Cline, William
Coburn, Mrs. P. J. (Nina)
Coch, Edwin
Cochran, Infant Daughter
Cochran, Sarah Ann
Cochrane, Anna
Cochrane, Melinda
Cole, Jeremiah
Cole, Susan
Coleman, Arunina
Coleman, Eva Springer
Colley, Mrs. George
Collins, Mabel (Adkins)
Congrove, Bert
Congrove, Everett J.
Conkle, Thomas C.
Connor, John
Cook, James
Copestick, Mary
Cornell, Margaret
Cornell, Samuel
Correll, J. A.
Cowan, Charles B.
Cowey, Leonard M.
Cowfer, Irene
Cox, Floyd
Cox, Joseph
Cox, William J.
Coxon, Jonathan
Craven, Child of William
Craven, Isabel J.
Craven, Robert
Craven, Robert J.
Crawford, Dora B.
Crawford, Dolores M.
Crawford, George W.
Crawford, Harry
Crofoot, Mary (Mrs.)
Croft, Scherada
Cronin, Robert
Croxall, John W.
Croxall, Mary Ann
Culp, Adwin Naomi
Cunningham, Kathleen Virginia (Leeson)
Culler, Jacob
Cullivan, Frank
Cunningham, Mary Ann
Cunningham, Sarah Jane (Martin)
Cunningham, Shirley Rose
Cunningham, Thomas R.
Cunningham, William H.
Cunningham, William Lane
Curran, Eleanor S.
Curran, John
Curry, Clyda May
Curry, Letitia
Cusick, Arnold Auto Accident 1

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